What is it?

A WiFi enabled air fryer with multiple smart controls to help achieve better cooking results and happier homes.

Good points?

With a cooking capacity of five litres, the Proscenic T22 is capable of rustling up enough food for four people in a clean and convenient way. Minimising oils reduces mess, is healthier and provides more control of the environment as liquids can heat and dissipate in different ways.

TurboAir technology increases air circulation within the device which improves efficiency by 30 per cent and results in reduced cooking times, while the intelligent SuperDenoise feature lowers noise by 20%.

HeraldScotland: Proscenic T22 Smart Air FryerProscenic T22 Smart Air Fryer

The air fryer has 13 cooking functions, which include 11 preset modes in addition to the "Preheat" and "Keep Warm" settings. These handy one-touch preset buttons match the time and temperature needed to perfectly cook family favourites, such as chips, chicken, steak and vegetables.

Manual cooking times allow you to override any presets if you fancy crispier bacon or onion rings. Everything can be controlled via the smartphone app and Alexa. You even get reminders to shake the basket or flip the food depending on the ingredients.

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The gadget comes with access to more than 100 connected recipes that guide you step-by-step across breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts (there is a complimentary recipe book included).

Bad points?

In the reasonably short testing period, I haven't found anything lacking or troubling with this fryer.

HeraldScotland: Proscenic T22 Smart Air FryerProscenic T22 Smart Air Fryer

Best for ...

Those looking for a simpler, healthier and more efficient way to feed your family.

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Avoid if ...

You have limited kitchen space for an additional device and can't bear to part with any existing ones.

Score: 9/10.

Proscenic T22 Smart Air Fryer, £129 (amazon.co.uk and proscenic.com)