She’s the daughter of one of Scotland’s greatest artists and writers and one of cinema’s most familiar faces. And now Honor Swinton Byrne is following them into the spotlight.

The 24-year-old psychology student is the daughter of John Byrne and Tilda Swinton and will soon appear, alongside her mother in her second film.

Swinton Byrne is the star of new film The Souvenir: Part II, the follow-up to her award-winning debut movie The Souvenir. Based loosely on director Joanna Hogg’s own life, Swinton Byrne plays a grieving film student in a film that has already attracted impressive reviews.


In an interview for The Herald Magazine today, Swinton Byrne talks about her new film career, growing up in Nairn and why her mum is her hero. Read it here.