Boris Johnson faced more questions today at Prime Minister’s Questions as the results of the Sue Grey Report loom.

Reeling from the fallout of ‘partygate’, Johnson assured he would “do what he said” when questioned on whether or not the full report would be released.

Despite calls for his resignation, the Prime Minister insisted he is “getting on with the job”.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer suggested Mr Johnson had misled Parliament about Downing Street parties, something which would normally require a minister to resign.

Asked if he would now quit, the Prime Minister said: “No.”

The Prime Minister has also committed to giving a Commons statement in response to the Gray report.

Sir Keir said: “Whatever he says in his statement later today or tomorrow won’t change the facts. Isn’t this a Prime Minister and a Government that have shown nothing but contempt for the decency, honesty and respect that define this country?”

Mr Johnson replied: “Of course he wants me out of the way – he does, and of course I don’t deny, for all sorts of reasons, many people may want me out of the way.”

But he said Sir Keir wanted him out because “he knows that this Government can be trusted to deliver”.

He added: “We’re – and in particular I – am getting on with the job.”

What happens when a Prime Minister resigns?

If a Prime Minister loses in a general election then they will offer their resignation to the monarch who will then invite the winning party to form a new government in their name.

However, if a Prime Minister resigns while their government is still in power, the process is different.

In this case, the government is still elected and therefore the resignation of the standing prime minister triggers a leadership contest, where fellow members of the government will campaign to be the leader of the party.

HeraldScotland: What happens when a PM resigns? (PA)What happens when a PM resigns? (PA)

When the leadership contest is decided, the outgoing prime minister will go and offer their resignation to the Queen and advise she appoints the new leader of the party as prime minister.

This new prime minister is not then required to hold a general election, but they often decide to soon after they take over.

This was seen when Theresa May resigned in 2018 and Tony Blair in 2007.

What will happen in Scotland if a Prime Minister resigns?

The resignation of a Prime Minister would not directly affect Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon has previously called for Johnson’s resignation over the reports of a gathering at Downing Street during lockdown.

Speaking in parliament earlier this month she said: “People across the country are aghast at the revelations about Downing Street’s conduct.

“It appears not just one isolated breach but serial breaches of guidance that people were following through the painful sacrifices right throughout this pandemic and a Prime Minister who is apparently not being truthful about his knowledge of these matters.

“I don’t think it will surprise anybody to hear my view that the office of Prime Minister would be greatly enhanced by Boris Johnson’s departure from it but more importantly I think at this moment in time the interests of the United Kingdom would be enhanced by that as well.”