Bobsleigh provides some of the most high-speed action at the Winter Olympics, but what are the rules?

Men and women can both compete in two person events, while women can compete in a single event, and men can compete in a four-man event.

How does Bobsleigh work?

The object of bobsleighing is to get to the bottom of the run as quickly as possible.

Crew members push the bobsleigh at the top of the track to begin their movement down.

Every person in a bobsleigh team has a specific role, whether it a pilot, a brakeman or a pusher.

Steering and braking can dictate how fast a bobsleigh reaches the finish line, with the team who is able to maximise their speed throughout the run without losing control getting down the track the fastest.

Which Team GB members will be competing in Bobsleigh?

Montell Douglas and Mica McNeill will compete for Team GB in the 2-woman bobsleigh, while Nick Gleeson and Nick Hall will compete for the men.

Hall and Gleeson will be joined by Taylor Lawrence and Greg Cackett in the four-man bobsleigh.

When to watch Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics

February 13

  • Women’s monobob heat 1, 1.30am
  • Women’s monobob heat 2, 3am

February 14

  • Women’s monobob heat 3, 1.30am
  • Women’s monobob heat 4, 3am (gold medal event)
  • 2-man heat 1, 12.05pm
  • 2-man heat 2, 1.40pm

February 15

  • 2-man heat 3, 12.15pm
  • 2-man heat 4, 1.50pm (gold medal event)

February 18

  • 2-woman heat 1, midday
  • 2-woman heat 2, 1.30pm

February 19

  • 4-man heat 1, 1.30am
  • 4-man heat 2, 3.05am
  • 2-woman heat 3, midday
  • 2-woman heat 4, 1.30pm (gold medal event)

February 20

  • 4-man heat 3, 1.30am
  • 4-man heat 4, 3.20am (gold medal event)