Nordic Combined is an event at the Winter Olympics that combines two separate sports in ski jumping and cross-country skiiing.

On the Winter Olympics website it says that the event has been contested since the inaugural games in 1924, but that no women's events have ever been added to the programme in that time.

It will take place at two venues in the Zhangjiakou cluster, with the National Ski Jumping Centre hosting the ski jumping portion of the competition, and the National Cross-Country Centre hosting the cross-country element.

The event will take place from February 9 to February 17.

How does Nordic Combined work?

At the Beijing Games the Nordic Combined event will feature three separate stages.

HeraldScotland: Nordic Combined sees two events played out, one of which is ski jumping (OIS/IOC/PA)Nordic Combined sees two events played out, one of which is ski jumping (OIS/IOC/PA)

They are Men's Individual Gundersen normal hill/10km, Men's Individual Gundersen large hill/10km and Men's Team Gundersen large hill/4 x 5km.

On the Winter Olympics website it says: "All three Nordic combined events consist of a ski jumping competition and a cross-country skiing race.

"The 'Gundersen' refers to the Gundersen Method, which is used to determine a competitor's starting position for the cross country portion of each event following the ski jumping events, which always come first.

"Once the jumping points are totalled, they are converted into time penalties."

Therefore, the winner of the ski jumping would start first in the cross-country, with the other competitors following according to the converted time differences.

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The individual normal hill event consists of a scored ski jump on the normal hill and a 10km cross-country ski race.

The individual large hill event is contested with a ski jump on the large hill and a 10km cross-country race.

Finally, the team large hill event consists of one scored ski jump from the large hill and a cross-country relay 4 x 5km freestyle race

Which Team GB members will be competing in the Nordic Combined?

Team GB do not have anyone listed as taking part in this event.