Short track speed skating is one of the three skating disciplines at the Winter Olympics alongside figure skating and speed skating.

The difference it has to speed skating is that the athletes will go up against each other on a short track, rather than being against the clock.

In total this sport will have nine categories to win medals in, including mixed relay which will be making its debut at the Winter Olympics.

All short track speed skating events will take place at the Capital Indoor Stadium from February 5 to February 16.

How does Short track speed skating work?

The track for these events is 111.12m (versus the 400m of speed skating). Short-track skaters start in groups, skate counterclockwise, and timing is to the thousandth of a second.

HeraldScotland: Team GB's Elise Christie taking part in an event in 2018 (PA)Team GB's Elise Christie taking part in an event in 2018 (PA)

As stated previously there will be nine events, with four for men, four for women and one mixed event.

Both men and women will have their separate 500m, 1000m and 1500m races, with the men having a 5000m team relay whilst the women have a 3000m team relay.

In addition, there will be the mixed team relay for the first time at these Games.

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The rules for the races are simple, with the top two finishers/teams from each heat advancing to the next round, culminating in the 'A Final', where skaters will compete for medals.

However, the mixed team relay is slightly different as the event consists of a 2,000m race, in which two women and two men from a country combine to cover 18 laps.

Each skater races twice, following this order: woman-woman-man-man-woman-woman-man-man.

Which members of Team GB will be competing in Short track speed skating?

Team GB will have three athletes competing in this sport, with Kathryn Thomson competing for the women, plus Farrell Treacy and younger brother Niall Treacy competing for the men.