Ski Jumping was part of the inaugural Winter Olympics in 1924 and has been a regular occurence ever since.

At the Beijing Games there will be five events, including the new mixed team event, which will be making its Winter Olympics debut.

It will take place at the National Ski Jumping Centre in the Zhangjiakou cluster, where other events like freestyle skiing and snowboarding will also be at.

The ski jumping course is 164m long, 60m tall at its peak and measures 34m at its widest part.

Ski Jumping will take place from February 5 to February 14.

HeraldScotland: The ski jumping course in Beijing will be 164m long (OIS/IOC/PA)The ski jumping course in Beijing will be 164m long (OIS/IOC/PA)

What are the rules for Ski Jumping?

There will be five events at the Winter Olympics which are: Men's Normal Hill Individual, Men's Large Hill Individual, Men's Team, Women's Normal Hill Individual and Mixed Team.

On the Winter Olympics website it says: "In competition, jumps are evaluated by the distance travelled and the style of the jump.

"The distance is measured along the curve of the landing hill from the takeoff point to the spot where the jumper lands."

For the men's individual normal hill and large hill competitions there are two training sessions, a qualifier, and the final.

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Meanwhile, the women's normal hill has no qualifying round and instead proceeds straight to the final, which consists of one trial jump and two rounds of scored jumps

The mixed team ski jump competition takes place on the normal hill with a woman-man-woman-man sequence, with the same scoring method as for the men’s competition

Whic Team GB members will be competing in Ski Jumping

Team GB will not have anyone competing in the Ski Jumping event.