SCOTTISH writer Val McDermid has said it would have broken her father's heart to see Raith Rovers signing David Goodwillie.

In an interview with The Scotsman, she shared an emotional moment expressing that she was "glad" her dad was not around to see this decision by his beloved club. 

The crime writer's family has a long-standing connection with the Kirkcaldy football club with her late father being a scout for the club. 

In 2010, she sponsored the McDermid Stand at Stark's Park in honour of her father and after became a board member.

In 2014 she furthered her ties by becoming Raith's shirt sponsor. 

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She told the Scotsman: "For the first time in 34 years I am glad to say my dad is not around to see this.

“It would have broken his heart to see his club behaving like this.”

McDermid took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce she would be withdrawing her support of the Championship side following the controversial deadline day arrival of Goodwillie, who was ruled to have raped a woman in a civil court case in 2017.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and former prime minister Gordon Brown - a Raith fan - have also condemned the signing.

McDermid, who has also withdrawn her sponsorship of the club’s jerseys, has now claimed that club chief executive Karen Macartney had assured that the 32-year-old would not be joining the Stark’s Park outfit.

She continued: “Football finds its way into your heart. People are devoted to their teams - they become part of your identity.

“I feel like something has been ripped out of me.”

McDermid also shared in the interview that she fears the damage done by Raith Rovers is “beyond repair”.

“I cannot see how you roll back from this," she said.

“Even if they tore up his contract tomorrow, which would cost the club a lot of money it can’t afford, it is still the fact they did something so offensive and frankly cackhanded, I do not see how you repair that damage.”

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