The war in Ukraine is the first time Europe has experienced armed conflict in the digital age, when many people have a camera in their pocket. 

As Russian tanks and troops breach the border and violence breaks out in towns and cities, social media has become flooded with films, clips and pictures showing the devastation in real-time.  

While it is difficult to ascertain the veracity of some of the footage – and there is definitely a propaganda war being waged online – the internet is fast becoming a repository of footage from the war, compiled and collated by those on the ground.  

Here is a selection of some of the striking films and images being shared on social media.  

This image was shared early on Saturday morning after a missile struck a tower block in Kyiv. It has been said the damage came from a Russian rocket, although there were also belated claims it was caused by a Ukranian anti-air defence projectile gone wrong.

Later, footage emerged of the rocket striking the building, which appear to correspond with it being coming from altitude: 

The spirit shown by the Ukranian people has been praised on social media, with examples of their bravery in the face of the Russian military widely shared. The following videos have gone viral after being posted online in the past two days:

Woman confronts Russian soldier who appears lost for words

Driver offers soldiers who have ran out of fuel a lift back to Russia:

Trumpeter plays the Ukranian national anthem in the dead of night and dozens cheer in reply 

There has also been devastation, with people on the ground capturing the ugly face of war. This clip purports to show a Russian convoy - marked with 'Z' lettering - which has been destroyed by explosives. 


This shocking footage shows a tank appear to target a civilian car. Incredibly, the driver, an elderly woman, survived the incident and was shown in other clips (confirmed to be the same location) being helped from the wrecked car.