Scotland's Covid Memorial is due to open in late spring and starts installing at Pollok Country Park next month. But what will you see there?

The memorial, in Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, will feature a series of tree supports, each with the words, 'I remember' and a QR code that links to the audio reading of memories contributed by the public. The Herald has driven the campaign for it and artist Alec Finlay, and collaborators, are creating it.

How does the artist, Alec Finlay, describe it?

"The supports will all say 'I Remember'on them – in English and some in other languages. They will also have the QR codes that link to the audio. By the opening in May there will be two groves, one at the Riverside area, a larger grove, and then a small one at the other end of Pollok park, and there will already be what I call the Memorial walk, so people can walk between.

How can you find out more?

The Herald will be hosting an online In Conversation with artist Alec Finlay on March 8. You can also read more about its development in numerous articles on the Herald website.

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Can you still participate?

I remember... is still gathering memories. You can email your I remember to It's also possible to see examples at The plan is that the memories will be brought together in a book.

Are there other plans?

Those affected by Covid will be invited to be involved in memorial planting at dedicated sites. There is also a hope there will be satellite sites across Scotland.

And are there other ways of being involved?

Donors include Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Willie Haughey, at £25,000 each, and a donation from the Scottish Government. To donate, go to

When will the memorial open?

The installation of the first supports will start in March and the memorial is due to open in late spring.

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