Given their crucial function in the human body, feet don't really get the attention they deserve.

In-grown toe nails, blisters, Athletes Foot and hard skin, podiatrist Angela McAllister of Margaret Dabbs Glasgow has seen it all.

While it certainly wouldn't be everyone's ideal job, the former nurse says she loves working with feet and solving the types of issues that can cause considerable pain and discomfort.

Despite 16 years of running, mainly on pavements, my own are generally in quite good condition but I do have a particular problem that I'm hoping Angela can shed some light on.


I go through tights and socks at an alarming pace because every new pair eventually ends up with a hole the toe. It has also been known to happen with trainers. The right sock is most likely to end up shredded.

Angela asks if I keep my toe nails trimmed and I do but has another possibly explanation. She says I have tight extensor muscles in my foot, possibly caused by running, which is making my big toe curl backwards and may be forcing a hole in my socks.

She advises me to stretch the toe in the other direction gently, while watching TV and I’m definitely going to give it a try.


I’m booked in for a medical pedicure with includes a consultation addressing all aspects of foot health. Feet can provide warning signs for a range of health conditions, says Angela, including diabetes.

She says mine are in pretty good condition apart from a bit of hard skin which is speedily removed with a tool that’s a bit like an electric razor. She then tidies up my toenails which suffered a bit of damage a few years ago due to ill-fitting walking boots.

Her last piece of advice is to ensure I dry between all my toes after showering because it can lead to fungal infections. My super-soft feet are finished with a bright coat of coral nail polish.

Margaret Dabbs also offer a range of other treatments including massage and Shellac manicures. The medical pedicure is priced £85.

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