What is it?

A smart-yet-simple dashcam with everything you need to record your journey’s events.

Good points?

With little set up and virtually no configuration, Nexar has made a dashcam that's intuitive but uncomplicated. There are no video, audio or wireless settings to tweak; you just plug-in and go.

The Beam captures high-definition footage at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second making video crystal clear. Its 135-degree field of view means you won't miss anything happening in front of you.

You can remotely view the footage via an app compatible with either iPhone or Android smartphones. This makes it ideal for reviewing or sharing footage without having to physically remove the SD card and inserting it into another device such as a laptop.

HeraldScotland: Nexar Beam GPS Dash CameraNexar Beam GPS Dash Camera

A three-metre USB-C power cable provides enough slack to route it the way you like. A handy supplied 12-volt adapter gives the option to use the camera in older cars lacking modern USB ports.

An unlimited amount of cloud storage is included, so you can save all your video clips without impacting your smartphone's capacity. A built-in GPS module gives accurate location-based data should this evidence be required.

Bad points?

The lack of a screen might frustrate old-school dashcam users who would ordinarily be able to align the camera direction from a rear display.

Best for ...

Those who want a product that works right out of the box with a minimal amount of fuss to set up and get going.

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Avoid if ...

You need the reassurance of a screen to ensure you are capturing what you need.

Score: 9/10.

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Camera, £99.95 (getnexar.com and amazon.co.uk)