Teenage curiousity lured me to the transformational world of shop bought hair dye when I was in my mid-teens despite my mother's protestations I would ruin my natural red hair.

It was the era of 'Sun In' spray which generally turned auburn locks an ugly shade of yellow but did nothing to dim the excitement of the experience.

Later there was the Shaders and Toners sachets that could enhance what nature gave you  and I experimented with coppers and vivid reds.

There were mistakes during my university days when student budgets led me to trainee hairdressers who would cut and dye for free and I went (very) short and peroxide blonde. 

Fast forward a few years after I had grown out the crop to a shoulder length bob and thanks to Rainbow Room, I finally left a salon with hair colour that I was happy with. A shimmering mix of sunkissed lighter pieces and red lowlights.

The company now has umpteen franchises across Scotland and remains my trusted go-to for innovative and stand-out colour. 

Currently red, I'm looking for something a bit lighter for Spring and in the (extremely) safe hands of Yasmine, salon director at Rainbow Room George Square, one of Scotland's most sought after hairdressers.


After a quick assessment she picks out a matching shade to freshen up my existing colour and erase the unwelcome greys. She then suggests adding a few lighter pieces to frame my face. 

Some of those blonde highlights are later bathed in a strawberry toner and wrapped in foils for a few minutes. 

The end result is gorgeous. Vivid, multi-dimensional colour that will see me through Spring before I delve into the lighter shades of the magic dye chart for the sunnier months.

Colour at Rainbow Room, George Square starts at £62 for non-permanent gloss. For apppointments click here