NFTs have transformed the landscape for digital art. Now, anyone can become an art collector or investor simply by minting new NFTs or buying and selling collectibles online.

If you want to jump into the NFT market, this guide will cover everything you need to know. We’ll review the 5 best NFT marketplaces in 2022 and show you how to buy your first NFT.

Our 5 Best NFT Marketplaces for 2022

Here is our pick of the 5 best NFT marketplaces you can go to buy and sell NFTs right now:

  • NFT LaunchPad - New Marketplace with Lucky Block NFT Collection
  • - Curated Platform with No Fees for Buying NFTs
  • Binance - Large NFT Marketplace with Mystery Boxes
  • OpenSea - World’s Largest NFT Marketplace
  • SuperRare - Best NFT Marketplace for Fine Art

A Closer Look at the Best NFT Platforms

Wondering where to buy NFTs from the list of platforms above? We’ve put together quick reviews of each platform so you can find the best NFT marketplace for you.

  1. NFT LaunchPad - New Marketplace with Lucky Block NFT Collection


NFT LaunchPad is one of the newest NFT marketplaces, and it’s quickly made a splash. While the marketplace is still growing, you can already find big-name collections like Great Ape Society, Lazy Goats Club, Space Apes, and Punk Dogs. NFT LaunchPad is also the exclusive home of Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection, one of the hottest new drops of the year.

NFT LaunchPad was designed by creators, for creators. In addition to buying and selling NFTs on this marketplace, it’s easy to mint your own NFTs. The platform supports several formats, including MP4, and creators can decide whether to charge fixed prices or sell or at auctions.

NFT LaunchPad organizes its collections into several categories such as collectibles, art, sports, and games. It’s easy to browse and all prices are denominated in wrapped BNB so you can compare between items. NFT LaunchPad is especially suited for discovering new creators you love because it’s so easy to browse and is so accessible for artists.

NFT LaunchPad is compatible with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and the platform supports MetaMask wallets. Support for Trust Wallets is expected to launch soon, along with a library of nft games.


  • Exclusive home of Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club
  • Supports minting new NFTs
  • Accepts MetaMask wallets
  • Easy to browse collections


  • Only accepts wBNB for payment

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 


  1. - Curated Platform with No Fees for Buying NFTs

HeraldScotland: is another major NFT marketplace that’s worth checking out. Until recently, only offered NFTs that were minted on its own blockchain. However, the marketplace recently added integration with the Ethereum blockchain, so the number of NFTs available has rapidly increased.

What’s exciting about is that you won’t pay any transaction fees when you buy NFTs on this marketplace. In addition, sellers and creators pay a fee of just 1.99%, which is among the lowest fees we’ve seen from top NFT marketplaces.

Another thing we like about is that the massive selection of NFTs is highly curated. The marketplace features collections and categories that you’re likely to enjoy or that are popular among users. So, it’s easy to quickly hop on and find NFTs that you like. offers NFTs for sale by auction, but you can also buy most NFTs instantly for a pre-set price. This is helpful if you want to buy an NFT quickly or don’t want to risk losing out to a higher bidder.


  • No transaction fees for NFT buyers
  • Accepts credit/debit card payments
  • Auctions and buy now pricing
  • Highly curated collections for browsing


  • Many collections are still growing in size

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 


  1. Binance - Large NFT Marketplace with Mystery Boxes


Binance is one of the largest NFT marketplaces available right now. You’ll find a wide range of collections spanning everything from fine art to memes to collectibles. All of the collections are easy to browse through, making this platform fun to explore.

One of the most exciting things about Binance is that you don’t necessarily have to settle on a single NFT to buy. The marketplace offers “mystery boxes” that include several randomly selected NFTs from a specific collection. Mystery boxes can offer everything from a handful of low-value NFTs to hidden rare NFTs that are worth much more than you paid for the box.


  • Wide range of NFTs
  • Integrates with Binance crypto exchange
  • Offers inexpensive mystery boxes


  • Prices are in several different cryptocurrencies

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 


  1. OpenSea - World’s Largest NFT Marketplace


OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. And while scale doesn’t count for everything, it’s hard not to like the diversity of OpenSea’s collection of NFTs. You can find ultra-rare drops, new NFT projects, and everything in between.

Another reason to use OpenSea is that it accepts payment in more than 150 different cryptocurrencies. So, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of exchanging your cryptocurrency in order to buy an NFT on this marketplace.


  1. SuperRare - Best NFT Marketplace for Fine Art


SuperRare is a refined NFT marketplace that focuses more on fine art than on attention-grabbing projects. The marketplace is very exclusive and only accepts a fraction of artists who apply to mint their NFTs there. While that means you might miss out on promising new creators, it also means that you know you’re looking at quality work when you visit SuperRare.

Another thing that’s unique about SuperRare is that artists are only allowed to mint a single edition of each NFT they create on this marketplace. There are no editions allowed. That means that every piece has higher value right from the start since it’s one of a kind.


What is the Best NFT to Buy Right Now?

If you’re looking for the best NFT to buy right now, check out Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club collection. This collection of 10,000 NFTs is one of the hottest drops of 2022.

Lucky Block is a unique crypto project built on the idea of creating a global blockchain-backed lottery. The platform immediately gained popularity and was the fastest-ever crypto project to reach a $1 billion valuation.

Now, the team behind Lucky Block is turning its attention to the NFT market to build a new kind of lottery. Every owner of a Platinum Rollers Club NFT will be entered into a daily $10,000 lottery drawing for life. Since there are only 10,000 of these NFTs, you have a 1-in-10,000 chance of winning every day. Lucky Block also minted 25 rare edition NFTs that qualify you to win $20,000 instead of $10,000.

Each Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT cost $1,500 at the time of minting. Each NFT looks like a membership card, with a unique number to indicate your membership in the club.

You can find the Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection only on the NFT LaunchPad.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 


How to Buy an NFT

Ready to buy your first NFT? We’ll show you how to buy a Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT on NFT LaunchPad.

Step 1: Create a MetaMask Wallet

You must set up a MetaMask wallet in order to connect to NFT LaunchPad. MetaMask is available for iOS and Android devices or for Chrome browsers.

Step 2: Buy wBNB

You must pay for NFTs on NFT LaunchPad using wrapped BNB (wBNB). You can purchase BNB at most major crypto exchanges and then transfer it to your MetaMask wallet. 

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

In NFT LaunchPad, click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Then follow the on-screen instructions to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4: Buy a Lucky Block NFT

Find the Lucky Block NFT collection and choose one of the available NFTs. Click Buy Now to purchase your Platinum Rollers Club NFT.



Now you know where to buy NFTs and how to get started. Head to NFT LaunchPad today to claim your Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT!

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

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