ScotRail has said there are "no plans" to reverse a ban on alcohol on services brought in during the pandemic. 

The policy was introduced in November 2020 as part of the rail operator's pandemic response after inebriated passengers showed "complete disregard" towards measures intended to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

While it was labelled as a temporary measure, the firm, now under public ownership, said there was "no timeframe" for any change to ban on drinking alcohol.

Under the rules, drinking alcohol is prohibited at all Scottish stations and on board ScotRail trains. Visible alcohol, whether opened or unopened, is also forbidden.

All legal restrictions brought in place in response to the virus have now been lifted.

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A ScotRail spokesperson said: "The alcohol ban has been in place for a fairly significant period of time.

"Our policies in general terms are kept under review, but currently, there is no timeframe for any change to the ban on drinking alcohol."

As well as the ban on alcohol, public transport fares are also currently being reviewed but there is no timetable for cutting them as it stands.

The Scottish Government has invited opposition politicians, trade unions, and passengers to take part in a “national conversation” about the future of Scotland’s rail services after they returned to public ownership on April 1.