Lottery games have changed a lot in the past few years. If you live in the UK, you can now choose between dozens of online lottery sites and win substantial cash prizes. However, finding the best one can be more challenging than you think, with many options.

We've put this guide together to make your search easier. After comparing website features, available game types, prizes, and other details, we've selected our top 5 UK lottery sites. You can find all of the details in the reviews below, so let's jump right into it.

Our 5 Best UK Lottery Sites of 2022

  1. Lucky Block Lottery
  2. The Lotter
  3. WinTrillions
  5. LottoKings

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1. Lucky Block Lottery - Lottery Based on Blockchain Technology

We're going to start our list of the best lottery sites in the UK with Lucky Block. Unlike most lotteries available in the UK, Lucky Block steps away from the standard approach by introducing blockchain technology. That means that all players have the same chance of winning.

Lucky Block provides a decentralized approach to lotteries, ensuring that all players have the same chances of winning. Instead of placing cash, players bet using LBLOCK tokens, a type of cryptocurrency. As a result, the project makes the lottery draw system fairer and more profitable. It was launched less than a year ago, but it has already gained millions of active players. Check the main draw pool for more information.

All winners are chosen by chance since it's entirely based on blockchain technology. The platform provides complete transparency, making it impossible to temper the results. The platform is also safe and easy to use. According to BscScan, the current prize pool is around 2.2 million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Players can load their profiles using multiple payment options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, etc.

If you manage to win a prize, you will receive 70% of the jackpot, while 10% will go to charity, another ten for marketing purposes, and the last 10% will be distributed to all LBLOCK token holders. You can use the tokens you win to enter more Lucky Block lottery draws, but you can also hold on to them and sell them on third-party cryptomarkets at any point in the future. All in all, the Lucky Block lottery gives you a fair chance to win valuable digital assets you can sell for a significant profit.

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2. The Lotter - Over 60 Online Lottery Games

The Lotter is one of the most recognized online lottery websites in the UK. It has been up and running since 2002, and it's still regarded as one of the best lottery websites you can join. The platform allows players to enter over 60 different lottery games worldwide due to the brilliant Lotter's system that buys tickets on your behalf.

Players receive a copy of their original ticket, which means that you can place payments no matter where you are. If you manage to win a prize, you don't have to pay any withdrawal fees, only the initial fee upon purchasing a ticket. The Lotter's site has been adding new features and design solutions for over 20 years. It has come a long way since its initial release, and it's now considered one of the most user-friendly online lotteries in the UK.

The design is very intuitive, and the site is easy to navigate. You can even download the official Lotter app on your smartphone and join lottery games while you're on the go. The platform accepts payments from many different channels, so you shouldn't have difficulty depositing money into your account. In addition, you can enter lottery games from many countries worldwide. If you're having difficulty getting started, you can always contact Lotter's customer support in many different languages.

The platform has paid out over 100 million in prizes to over 6 million winners throughout the years. The Lotter is a trusted online lottery that can change your life overnight.

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3. WinTrillions - Massive Jackpots

WinTrillions is another excellent option if you're feeling lucky. It's an online lottery site that includes dozens of games that could help you win hundreds of millions of dollars. The game offers everything from scratchcards to raffles, lottery teams, and various virtual casinos. WinTrillions is a place where you can satisfy your need for betting, lottery games, and casual casino games.

The jackpots available when playing some of these games are where the site really shines. Namely, if you cover a special fee, you can boost the current jackpots on popular lottery games such as Mega Millions and Powerball to as much as 400 million dollars. If that doesn't sound impressive to you, we don't know what will.

Like all other platforms on our list of the best online lottery websites in the UK, this one also accepts multiple payment methods and allows you to place bets almost from anywhere in the world. If you subscribe to a specific lottery game, you can choose your numbers, and the platform will participate in lottery draws for you. Of course, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

The platform also has a mobile app version, but it's not nearly as user-friendly as the website version. You can join the site in minutes, and you'll surely love how it looks, but you'll probably have a problem choosing a game to play, as there are literally thousands of them.

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4. - A Different Approach To Online Lottery Games

With a name like, it's not hard to guess what the site is about. However, even though it's a popular lottery site, it brings a different approach to winning. Namely, instead of buying tickets with specific number combinations, this platform allows you to bet money on the lottery outcome. As a player, you won't see any difference if you win. The only real difference is the fact that you'll always have the same chances of winning.

If you're lucky and can guess the winning combination of numbers, the site will pay you directly by sending the money to your account. The best part - there are no fees or hidden costs included. Moreover, the site is fully insured, so you don't have to worry about not getting paid or losing money to scammers.

As far as the game portfolio goes, has dozens of lottery games on their offer and an impressive collection of slots, scratchcards, and other similar games. Once you become a member, you can choose any available games and test your luck against millions of other players.

Lastly, if you're worried about safety, you should know that is licensed in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Malta, but you can try your luck in many other countries. The site rewards loyal players by increasing their potential jackpot, adding an impressive sum of money. Unfortunately, the complicated licensing can sometimes lead to long waiting times when making payouts because of the strict security features. If that happens to you, don't be alarmed, the money will reach your account in a few days or weeks.

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5. LottoKings - Responsive Online Lottery Platform With Many Available Games

Last but not least, we have LottoKings, another popular lottery site in the UK and other countries. The platform offers many different lotteries, scratchcards, lottery teams, sports betting, and other games you can play live. It was initially launched back in 2008, but it went through a complete rebranding in 2017. It has been growing steadily in the past five years, as the site currently has over 500,000 winners so far.

Like the previous site on our list, LottoKings also works like a lottery betting site. In other words, you don't get any tickets. Instead, you bet on the numbers you think will win, and that's it. The platform gives you access to hundreds of lotteries worldwide, and you can place bets using any device from the comfort of your home.

The user experience is excellent, and we found that the platform works best on mobile devices. Everything is divided into categories, and exploring the many options makes the experience fun and exciting. Loading your account and making withdrawals is effortless, and you have plenty of payment options, including Skrill, Gana, PSE, VISA, Master Card, and many others.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.



As you can see, there are plenty of online lottery sites you can join in the UK. Many of them come with incredibly high jackpots and impressive rewards, so you might become the next millionaire overnight if you're feeling lucky.

Remember to check the payment options and available games before joining any of the top 5 lottery sites we covered above, as some might be better for your needs than others. However, we recommend that you give Lucky Block a try, as it's the only fully transparent and decentralized lottery where every player has the same chance of winning. We wish you the best of luck!