What is it?

An impressive feature-packed dashboard camera from Mio.

Good points?

With 2.8K QHD 1600p picture quality, the MiVue 798 Pro excels in its visual output compared to most other mobile camera devices. Its 145-degree lens records what's needed in sharp detail including number plates and signs.

Accurate footage and information are essential when filing an insurance claim and with GPS alongside Sony's embedded STARVIS CMOS technology, the device can produce geotagged high contrast images with rich colours that mirror reality without distortion, even in low-light conditions.

Capturing 60 frames per second all but eliminates blurring from high-speed movement which can be vital when disputing events with other road users who present inferior video.

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Mio has added an average speed camera alert function which calculates your remaining time, distance and average speed, so you don't get caught out between camera terminals.

A common complaint of dash cams is their frequent need to be physically connected to a computer for footage retrieval and download updates. Thankfully Mio has eliminated this archaic practice by opting for WiFi wireless communication which can perform these tasks via your smartphone.

Parking mode allows the camera to be active at all times and gives you eyes on an event even when you are elsewhere, such as in a supermarket.

Bad points?

Although billed as a night-vision device, it requires more light than regular night vision to function.

Best for ...

Those looking for a solid dashboard camera and to potentially help reduce the cost of insurance cover.

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Avoid if ...

Your car already has built-in video camera functions.

Score: 9/10.

Mio MiVue 798 Pro Dash Cam, £199.99 (mio.com)