Inspired by the majesty and magnificence of Scotland’s coastlines, there’s no mistaking why Scottish contemporary painter Scott Naismith’s new exhibition is simply entitled ‘Awe’. By Lorraine Wilson  

The spectacle provided by Scotland’s skies and coastlines has inspired artist Scott Naismith during his 20 years of painting.

Capturing the light and textures and emotional impact that we feel when confronted by nature’s tableaus can be like catching lightning in a bottle, but for Scott there is a way to describe how he feels about committing it to canvas – Awe.

That’s the name given to his biggest-ever solo show at Morningside Gallery in Edinburgh, opening with a Private View on Friday, May 20.

“The concept of awe seems to be a profound spiritual impulse invoking feelings of both grand appreciation and an element of fear or apprehension,” says Scott.

“It is the intimidating nature of the expanse which separates awe from the mere beauty of a landscape. Awe can invoke an instinct to imitate. Some landscapes and vistas make us draw in a deep breath. Is it to make us larger or taller in posture in the presence of something grand?”



Loch Beag

There are 34 paintings in this new series, with some of the largest canvases of Scott’s that the Morningside Gallery has exhibited.

A graduate of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Scott has developed an inimitable style since 2000.

The colours used in his work are not an attempt to faithfully reproduce what he sees; it’s an emotional reaction to what he sees and an attempt to get to the elements behind the textures and colours.

Morningside Gallery is run but a small and committed team of art lovers on Morningside Road.

It will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year and in those past two decades it has built lasting relationships with artists and clients. It has developed alongside artists such as Scott Naismith and many others – in painting and sculpture.

Apart from its prowess in matching the right piece with a client, Morningside Gallery also offers services such as room visualisations, to recreate how a piece would look in your home or a free home trial. There is also free delivery in the UK.

The digital catalogue for Awe is now available online at



Golden awe

All paintings can be reserved and purchased ahead of the opening and the gallery can send videos and further framed and close-up images of any painting on request. It does ask that decisions on reserves be made by noon on Friday, May 20, which is the day of the opening. 

That evening there’s a Private View between 6pm and 8.30pm, where you can meet Scott and experience the scale and impact of the work. Get in touch to register your interest or to receive a digital or printed copy of the exhibition catalogue. Also, for those who can’t get to the exhibition, there will be a 3D tour of the exhibition on the gallery website on Saturday, May 21.


In Awe, the viewer can share Scott’s bold and often elevated interpretations of familiar scenery. We see the world at a deeper level, and with a great deal of optimism and hope. 

Awe is at Morningside Gallery from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, June 5.