What is it?

A pair of augmented reality glasses that also act as a 3D screen that fills your vision.

Good points?

Looking on the face of it like a snazzy pair of sunglasses, the Nreal Air hides its smart functions to the outside world. On the other side of the glass lies a world of entertainment ready to be tapped into.

The spy-esque gadget is sleek looking and lightweight yet provides a transparent display that can simulate a whopping cinema-sized 510cm (201in) 1080P FHD flicker-free screen.

An impressive internal spring hinge mechanism allows the temples (arms) to flex a further 40 degrees than normal spectacles and thus aid comfort while also cater for larger heads.

The aforementioned arms can also be adjusted to three positions for finding an ideal viewing angle, while the fingerprint resistant and anti-reflection coatings ensure your vision and experience isn’t tainted.

Other features include 3DoF (degrees of freedom) head tracking, two open-ear speakers and dual microphone array with noise cancellation.

The MR Space mode provides access to 3D applications and webpages which, although visually more appealing, also aids navigation and productivity.

Bad points?

The glasses require a physical connection to your smartphone via USB-C cable to function. This restriction is essentially a minor one but may impede some gameplay. It’s also easy to forget you are tethered and unwittingly yank the cable.

Best for ...

Those who want an immersive entertainment environment no matter where they are and aspire to owning the cutting edge of technology.

Avoid if ...

You have ever uttered the words “I need to cut back on my screen time” as this will only feed the flames of that bad habit.

Score: 9/10.

Nreal Air Augmented Reality Glasses, £399.99 (ee.co.uk)