What is it?

An affordable but feature-rich pair of active noise cancelling earbuds.

Good points?

Priced at less than £40 and set in the low to medium range of the audio market, the T3 has all the features required. The most obvious being its active noise cancellation (ANC) technology which utilises artificial intelligence that can detect and reduce ambient noise up to 25 decibels.

There are three sound modes ANC, ambient sound – allowing you to hear everything around you – and normal, which is the default setting and gives longest run time.

Battery life lasts for seven hours on a single charge and is extended to 24 hours when topped up by the case which equates to about two or three days of moderate usage.

Designed for ergonomic comfort and balance, you soon forget you are wearing them which is rare in bud models which can sometimes feel like you are wearing antennas. With four bud size options you are bound to find one that suits the shape of your inner ear.

Sound quality is more than adequate for a pair of ANC buds of this price with an emphasis on bass that could be described as booming.

Bad points?

The domineering bass feels unbalanced and is particularly noticeable when utilised in a varied playlist that hops between tracks of different tempos.

Best for ...

Those looking for a budget set of capable ANC wireless buds they can groove the day away with.

Avoid if ...

Your musical tastes reside more on the refined end, such as classical, where bass-orientated sound drivers may wash out the delicate tones.

Score: 9/10.

Ugreen HiTune T3 Wireless ANC Earbuds, £39.99 (amazon.co.uk)