What is it?

Google’s latest mid-range smartphone with premium features.

Good points?

The first thing that strikes you about the device is the chunky camera bar on the back which houses the main photographic and video camera. This beefy strip is necessary as it holds not only the various lenses but also larger sensors which acquire 150 per cent more light than the previous Pixel model.

Additional light capture gives greater detail and colour tones to images and with the ultrawide lens you can include aspects of scenery which may otherwise have been missed from the frame.

Google has included some nice editing features meaning, should you fail to take the perfect picture, you can go in post-capture and remove unwanted objects or blemishes including people in the form of photobombers.

In addition, Google has opted for an adaptive 6.4-inch 90Hz FHD+ smooth display screen which brings punch to your visual experiences be it movies, games or video chatting. Everything on-screen looks bright and colourful and feels like a premium product.

Battery life is around 24 hours which is great for an always-on display device.

Bad points?

Measuring 158.6 height x 74.8 width x 8.9 depth (mm) we are bordering on small tablet territory and is not so easy to tuck away into a pocket. The camera bar adds bulk to an already large smartphone which may be a bit too much, especially for those with smaller hands.

Best for ...

Those seeking an impressive all-round smartphone that won’t falter in any task and will keep pleasantly surprising.

Avoid if ...

Physical aesthetics are your primary concern as the Pixel 6 is a tad brick-esque.

Score: 9/10.

Google Pixel 6, £599 (store.google.com)