ADVENTURE can be described as a bold or risky undertaking. And it’s the uncertainty that can make it scary for some, or exciting for others. As a polar adventurer I know that experiencing risk or uncertainty is key to living a fulfilling life, and we don’t have to go to the Arctic to do it. Here are five ways to have your own adventure.

Be curious

We can too easily make judgements about opportunities and that can put us off trying new things. Try being curious and view the opportunity as an adventure. For example, decide to walk on a different route to work or take the bus rather than driving. Then notice what’s new, what you haven’t observed before, and bring curiosity to the experience rather than judgment.

Travel abroad over dinner

Be adventurous with one meal you cook this week. Pick a country that you’d love to visit and learn more about the foods from that place. Select a dish to cook from that country that you have not tried before. There are lots of great recipes to discover on the internet from all over the world. And if you don’t like cooking, try out a new cuisine or something different rather than heading for your favourite restaurant. Indian, Chinese, Asian, Italian, Nepalese, Mexican, Greek, and so many more to choose from – embrace the adventure to learn more about the country and its culture and the ingredients used.

Team up with your friends

Encourage your friends to join you on an adventure that you plan and invite them to bring a curious mindset too. By engaging in a new experience together it will give you something new to talk about later. There is often a greater sense of safety in a group, which can give you confidence to explore the unknown – just like the children did in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven story books.

Embrace the elements

Make the commitment to go outside and connect with nature – regardless of the weather. If the conditions change then use your senses to observe the effect the weather has on your surroundings as you walk. Splashing through puddles, leaning into the wind, finding shade when it's sunny are all ways you can embrace the elements and feel alive.

Failing is not the end.…it’s part of the journey

Adventurers don’t get put off by setbacks, they see obstacles as problems to solve. So, when you embark on your daily adventure, and it does not go according to what you may have expected, don’t give up. View the experience as useful learning and learn to expect the unexpected. Its only by embracing change and uncertainty that we can become more comfortable with the uncomfortable and realise is what the adventure of life is all about.

Sue Stockdale is a polar explorer, coach, and author of EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure.