Shiver me timbers folks, it was world Rum Day last week and I missed all the fun. Anyway, there’s nothing to say we can’t splice the mainbrace this week, especially as Scotland seems to be on a mission to compete with the Caribbean for dominance of the quality end of the market.

Rum isn’t everyone's cup of tea but the historic style popular for putting hairs on many a sailors chest is well and truly over folks. Yeah, there are still many cheap options on the market that could strip paint off a brush, but there’s far more finesse in the product these days, especially in the golden rums or my current favourite, Spiced rum.

I guess we should mention the styles with range from Dark (good for hairy chests), Golden (softer, sweeter and with more finesse) and white (think Bacardi but with more options available). The white styles are gorgeous on a hot day or in my scenario, with a coke, slice of lemon and a comfy airline seat to New York.

Anyway, its time to raise a toast to the heatwave folks so bottoms up!

John Paul Jones Rum

Surely the best new spirit to leave Scottish shores in decades. Plenty of traditional rum aromas of caramel and spices but with a smoky element that would make any Islay lover happy. This one is infused through Seaweed from the Solway Firth and is about as original as you can get. £38.00

Barra, Island Dark Rum

More of a golden style in my view but descriptions aside, this is a corker. There are flavours normally only available in a creamy white rum but with added extras such as cardamon and a hint of butterscotch. Superb for the price and the perfect cocktail base. £35.00

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