What is it?

A handy and compact massage gun to ease and reinvigorate tired muscles.

Good points?

Utilising a powerful 24-volt brushless motor, the C3 massage gun has enough vigour to soften and free up stiff muscle fibres. With 20 adjustable power speeds up to 3,200 revolutions per minute there is bound to be a setting to suit most situations.

Personalising a massage can positively alter an experience as everyone is different and Renpho has included six replaceable massage heads that target distinct body parts and muscle groups. This allows more forgiving material heads to be used on delicate skeletal frames.

Working for up to eight hours on a single charge thanks to a durable 2000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery you can be confident the gun will be ready whenever needed.

The gadget is relatively quiet at 23 decibels and well-designed too, fitting comfortably in hand with soft grip material and intelligent heat dissipation vents at the top that keep the device cool.

A large LED display with touch buttons provide an easy method to operate with no learning curve to negotiate. If you forget to switch the gun off its idle timer will kick in and do it for you after three minutes.

Bad points?

Like most massage gun cases I’ve encountered the heads and attachments can slip out of their holders during transportation which can be frustrating.

Best for ...

Those who exercise regularly and would like instant relief rather than having to keep scheduling time with an expensive massage therapist.

Avoid if ...

You are seeking to alleviate problem areas in the back and don’t have the contortionist skills or someone readily available to help manoeuvre the device towards the aching areas.

Score: 9/10.

Renpho C3 Massage Gun, £62.99 (amazon.co.uk)