What is it?

An innovative smartphone grip with neat photography features.

Good points?

The design mimics the ergonomic grip and shutter of a professional digital camera to give you more control when taking images. Capturing photos or shooting video is aided by a handy wireless index finger shutter button on the top front edge. This allows for one-handed operation without risk of dropping your precious phone.

The gadget, as the name suggests, snaps onto the back of any smartphone thanks to either a magnetic ring or directly onto MagSafe compatible devices. This technology provides a fast and efficient way to turn any mobile into a fully functional camera.

Connecting the SnapGrip also allows it to act as a powerpack to wirelessly charge your mobile during usage. Seeing the dreaded “battery low” message won’t stop you from capturing what you want, when you want.

The features don’t stop there as you can angle the SnapGrip to become a stand to either protect your smartphone from bad surfaces or to enjoy content such as movies without having to hold it.

ShiftCam’s SnapGrip system allows other products in the range to snap together for additional functionality. This kit includes the SnapPod, which doubles as both a tripod/selfie stick, and the SnapLight, which is a flippable light with mirror that provides four levels of brightness.

Bad points?

Thicker smartphone cases can impede the magnetic snap functionality so is best suited to bare devices.

Best for ...

Those who love taking photos and videos but find it difficult to shoot while moving.

Avoid if ...

You are of the firm belief that a mobile phone is for calls only.

Score: 9/10.

ShiftCam SnapGrip from £58, (shiftcam.com)