What is it?

A versatile and fast wireless MagSafe smartphone and AirPods charger.

Good points?

Wireless power products allow for convenient charging of portable devices without cumbersome and messy cables getting in the way.

The main issue with such gadgets is that they produce a large amount of heat which impacts charging speed, to which ESR has a clever solution named CryoBoost.

This incorporates a slim cooling fan and heat-dissipating technology to maintain optimum temperatures for improved charging speeds that exceed those of dedicated MagSafe units from Apple.

The MagSafe incorporated stand holds your portable device with a powerful 1,000-gram force magnet which automatically snaps and aligns compatible smartphones in place. This connection allows the smartphone to be used in any orientation and makes it perfect for hands-free video viewing.

Design is in keeping with products typically designed for Apple devices with sleek simple lines and white surfaces which doesn’t detract from most decor. There is a tilted magnetic pad for a smartphone and flat bed for charging AirPods.

Dark charging mode is ideal when looking to get some uninterrupted sleep as this setting disables the CryoBoost fan and lights while still charging the device albeit at a reduced speed.

Bad points?

There isn’t much to complain about with this gadget as it does what it’s designed to do and does it well. If being picky, I’d say the head bracket doesn’t tilt very much.

Best for ...

Those looking for the convenience of wireless charging with added speed.

Avoid if ...

Your device isn’t MagSafe compatible as it will just slid off the pad and potentially break.

Score: 9/10.

HaloLock 2-In-1 Charger, £54.99, (amazon.co.uk)