Seneca Medical Group has stood the test of time and keep thriving with 35 years of experience - with successful clinics in Glasgow and diagnostic centers in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The company is constantly evolving and empowering their position driven by the mission and the values they began with - which have granted them an international reputation.

To date, the company has treated over 43,000 hairloss patients and more than 160 doctors and nurses have been trained and certified in hair restoration treatments and procedures.

Seneca know the secrets of success with hair transplantsSeneca

With the extensive research, proper diagnosis, structured training, and effective treatment, Seneca Medical Group holds the first place in innovations in the hair restoration field and is constantly developing new techniques and tools for the treatment of hair loss.

The certified specialists of Seneca Medical Group contribute to the design and implementation of a personalized treatment program.

Dealing with alopecia is a timeless demand for all those who experience it. Some, sooner or later come to terms with their new image but others  are in constant search of solutions - until they choose the path of hair transplantation.

Seneca know the secrets of success with hair transplantsSeneca

In this context, we asked Seneca Medical Group to tell us the points that in terms of hair transplantation are not widely known.

How is hair transplantation performed? In hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the back of the patient's head, which are individually implanted in the area where thinning occurs. Seneca's highly trained staff achieves the implantation of even 9,000 hairs per session!

Seneca know the secrets of success with hair transplantsSeneca

How effective is it? Well, it is the most effective method of treating hair loss as its effects last forever. Thousands of patients who trusted Seneca confirm this.

It is also seen in the hair of celebrities such as Ronald de Boer, Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsey, Lewis Hamilton and many others.

To some the shaved head is nice but no one wants to feel bad about their external appearance, and hair loss is a condition that can affect psychology and limit sociability.

Seneca know the secrets of success with hair transplantsSeneca

A free diagnosis through the Total Care system will evaluate the problem, identify the causes and formulate a personalized treatment plan.

How simple is it? Seneca treatment is carried out in two stages. In the first, the hair follicles are checked, the hair follicles are selected and painlessly extracted.

Seneca know the secrets of success with hair transplantsSeneca

The isolated hair follicles are kept in appropriate conditions and temperature until their gradual replanting with Seneca Implanter begins in the second and final stage.

It is a procedure that can be done in a few hours and without hassle. The advantages of Seneca Medical Group include the specially-designed and patented tools and equipment through which the doctor implants directly the hair follicles giving 100% natural result and high density.