A sip of pineapple crush vodka this week reminded me that it’s been ages since we last looked at “mother’s ruin”.

Vodka has come a long way over the last few decades, especially in the flavoured market which I once rebelled against as pointless. How wrong was I?

Vodka is a clear, largely tasteless alcohol that was once called gin without the lipstick, but if the lipstick is the strong juniper aroma then the lack of it is what makes vodka so perfect for adding fruit and other flavours.

From fruit to toffee and various blends of flavours in between, I think I must have tasted them all now and if there’s one conclusion I’ve drawn it’s that, as with most products, the cheaper ones are tacky with many a salted caramel vodka smelling like sweetened dog vomit and the citrus ones having enough acid to strip paint.

Quality products are worth paying a few bob extra for, folks.


Pineapple Crush Vodka by Au 32.5%

Fresh pineapple squeezed into a five times distilled ultra-smooth vodka is always going to be good, but then when you bottle it in a lush golden bottle, it’s enough to make the neighbours jealous.

Tesco £32


Treacle Toffee Vodka, Solway Spirits 37.5%

A very smooth base vodka infused with treacle toffee and it tastes as good as that sounds with rich molasses and butter on the palate.

www.solwayspirits.co.uk £32.95


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