Not so much a review this week as a chat about two products that Her Late Majesty always had on the Royal sideboard.

Gordon’s London Dry Gin and Dubonnet. While she apparently liked the occasional G&T, her preference was a cocktail of the two with two parts Dubonnet to one part gin served over ice.

Well, of course, I had to try it and you know what? I’m hooked. Turns out Her Majesty was onto something and given all the publicity this combo has had over the 70 years of her reign, I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before.

Dubonnet is a curious medicinal type of drink. Made in France and based on wine, it’s blended with herbs and quinine, and to be honest the bottle has always been more attractive than the promise of what’s inside.

It tasted like cough medicine on its own but what a result when the gin and ice were added.

The herbs prickled in a really refreshing way on my palate and there was just enough fruit to give it a real cocktail flavour.

Thank you, Ma’am.


Dubonnet, France

Long established as a speciality of France and probably one of the most unique products on the market. While it can be drunk alone, my advice is to add gin like the late Queen or a touch of lemonade if you prefer to be a commoner.

Waitrose £10


Gordon’s London Dry Gin

Let’s be honest, it’s the benchmark for London dry gins and it ain’t going to hurt your pocket. The juniper is really evident in this style, which is why it’s at its best in a simple G&T.

Tesco £16