A Glasgow councillor has declared he doesn’t have a King as Charles III is proclaimed the new monarch.

Green Party councillor Leòdhas Massie also said he is “disappointed” some council meetings and other services were suspended this week during the period of national mourning for the Queen as there is a “cost-of-living crisis”.

GP surgeries and pharmacies in Glasgow will be closed on Monday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

A number of Glasgow politicians have paid tribute to King Charles III including Conservative councillor Thomas Kerr. 

But councillor Massie said: “I don’t have a King. That is how I feel. People assume we are subjects. I am a citizen, not a subject.”

The history and politics graduate added: “Everything in life should be built on consent.

“The archaic pageantry sits in stark contrast to where we should be today in this society.”

There have been reports of food banks closing and some medical operations not going ahead in certain parts of the UK.  

Expressing concerns about services being suspended, the Newlands/Auldburn politician said people need support.

He stated: “We don’t need to shut down society during the cost-of-living crisis. I don’t see why it is necessary and considered disrespectful. 

“Why is it disrespectful to go to the bank, get on a bus, go to work or get surgery if I need it.”

A number of Glasgow City Council meetings have been cancelled this week including the contracts and property committee. 

Councillor Massie added: “There is a cost-of-living crisis and people are in need of our support.”

Cllr Kerr visited the council chambers this week to sign the Book of Condolence to Her Late Majesty the Queen. He praised King Charles for showing true leadership while he is grieving for his mother.

Councillor Kerr said: “The tributes to Her Late Majesty the Queen from Glaswegians have been replicated across Scotland, the United Kingdom and indeed across the world. 

“Those tributes show just how respected a global figure Her Majesty was and how she meant so much to so many people. Our city and those across Scotland who lined up to see her for the final time in this country have done themselves proud with their acts of remembrance.”

The Shettleston politician added: “Over the last week King Charles has shown true leadership for the whole nation.

“At a time when he is grieving the loss of his mother, he has carried out his duties as our new King and been a beacon of hope for our nation and the Monarchy is in safe hands with him at the helm. 

“My thoughts remain very much with him and all of the Royal Family at this very difficult time for them.”