After all that history, I thought we could take a chill pill and just have a wee look at the best of the red and white quaffers again this week.

Blends still rule the red selections priced under a tenner but I guess it’s easier for winemakers to smooth out the edges with a little bit of this and a dollop of that. Shiraz seems to be the dominant grape with its rich, fruity juice backed up by spices.

It’s quite different for my white preferences where the single varietals lead the pack: Sauvignon, Chenin and the oaky Chardonnays with their clearly defined flavours. It’s been a tasty week and to be honest, I’m going to have to spend a bit more time around the midweek specials because there’s plenty to write about.


The Weather Station Malbec Shiraz, South Africa

This is a corker for the price with ripe blueberry fruits, hints of cacao and a light but intriguing hint of spice on the finish. Very smooth and easy to drink.

Marks & Spencer £7


Definition GSM, South Australia

This is a big heady style for a quaffer but it’s so appealing and easy to drink with or without food. Concentrated autumn fruits, spice and soft juicy tannins. A gorgeous wine.

Majestic Wines £10.99


Horny Owl, Lothian Vineyards

Slightly greener than the Marlborough versions I normally go for but by heck, the fruit is eye-watering. Kiwi fruit is the dominant flavour but there are gooseberries and lychees in there for me. Beautiful.

Oddbins £10.50

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