One of the challenges to some cryptocurrency projects is that their overall maximum supply is so high, it can affect the value significantly over time. Just when you thought you had gotten in while the getting was good, the crypto increases its supply and destroys its per-unit value.

That's a very frustrating part to crypto traders, who must pay attention to the maximum supply to work into the discussion about whether it would be a good buy. Below are seven of the best low supply cryptocurrency to buy before 2024, highlighted by Dash 2 Trade (D2T), IMPT, Calvaria (RIA) and Tamadoge (TAMA).

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7 Best Low Supply Cryptocurrency to Buy in the UK before 2023 - Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he's a quick outline of seven of the best low supply cryptocurrency UK to buy before 2023:

  • Dash 2 Trade -- Amazing crypto signals platform
  • IMPT -- Blockchain-based carbon offsets
  • Calvaria -- Immersive P2E experience
  • Tamadoge -- Train, breed and compete your virtual pet
  • Dash -- Low supply P2P payments
  • Yearn.Finance -- DeFi with extremely low supply
  • Compound -- An on-the-rise DeFi
  1. Dash 2 Trade -- Amazing Crypto Signals Platform


Dash 2 Trade is making investing much easier for crypto traders. This new analytics dashboard provides crypto traders with incredible insight into the market – for all crypto projects available. It's making it much easier for crypto traders to become more successful and to find new ways to do so.

D2T also features a weekly prediction contest where users can claim impressive rewards, as well as a back-end feature that allows you to test out strategies before risking any real money. And the social signals it provides is insight that is unmatched in the market, allowing users to see what's being talked about online.

There are only one billion total D2T tokens that will ever be available, ensuring there will always be a demand for them.

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2. -- Blockchain-based Carbon Offsets


New crypto project IMPT is bringing carbon offsets to the blockchain. In the process of decentralising everything, it makes the market completely transparent, preventing against fraud and double counting. It's an impressive project that's not just eco-friendly; it's also directly contributing to reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Through this impressive project, individuals are able to reduce their carbon footprint by making everyday purchases from a large list of international brands that IMPT has partnered with. This brings more awareness to eco-friendly projects around the globe, while putting power in the hands of individuals everywhere.

It's a very low-supply crypto, with only three billion ever set to be available – not a lot compared to the expected demand of carbon credits.

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3. Calvaria -- Immersive P2E Experience


Calvaria is a new virtual world with multiple P2E games, all centered around battle cards. You can win tokens for just winning battles, and each card is also backed by an NFT hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This means you'll own every item that you're able to collect in the game.

There's also a free-to-play version that looks to educate and on-board non-crypto gamers to the P2E world. It's an innovative approach that's catching on already, as it's blowing through presale stages in record time.

The total supply of the RIA native token is only one billion, which puts it directly on this great low supply cryptocurrency UK buy list.

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4. Tamadoge -- Train, Breed and Compete Your Virtual Pet


Modelled after the very popular 1990s toy Tamagotchi, Tamadoge is taking off. It's a P2E ecosystem that combines the NFT market for an impressive new crypto project. Users can take their doges onto the metaverse, where they can hang out with friends, breed and train them, and then compete for prizes and rewards. 

In addition to being a great game, one of the reasons why it's on this list is because it's deflationary by design. In other words, every time there is a transaction with TAMA, a small percentage of the available tokens are burned. Over time, the total supply will reduce, as a result.

The total supply is only two billion tokens, which is why it's on this list.

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5. Dash -- Low Supply P2P Payments


Dash has been around since 2014, meant to provide an avenue for secure and fast peer-to-peer payments. One of the best features is what it calls "PrivateSend". This allows both the receiver and the sender of the money to get complete anonymity – which is huge in today's world.

There are less than 11 million total tokens in supply right now, and the maximum supply is only 18.9 million. This provides a continued assurance that the demand for the token will outweigh the supply, which makes it a good chance to increase in value over time.


6. Yearn.Finance -- DeFi with Extremely Low Supply


Looking for a crypto project to invest in with extremely low supply? Then Yearn.Finance (YFI) might just be the project for you. It's one of the crypto projects with the lowest supplies around, in fact, the maximum supply is only 36,666 YFI tokens in circulation. That's an extremely low amount, especially compared to some of the crypto projects on the market.

Based on this very low supply all on its own, YFI can reach some pretty high valuations. As of October 31, 2022, its price stands above $8,200, and it has immense potential, as its all-time high was above $82,000.

This DeFi platform on the Ethereum blockchain gives investors the ability to store any idle tokens as part of a lending pool, where they'll gain interest without having to go through any third-party vendor.

7. Compound -- An On-the-Rise DeFi


Compound (COMP) is aiming to become a leading protocol for lending in the DeFi market. Through it, people are able to get access to funds at the ready, while also paying interest on the loans that they have taken. The COMP token can also be used to pay liquidity rewards or for governance.

It's already considered one of the leading DeFi projects on the market, with expectations that it's only going to rise in value in the future. It was even added to the Robinhood catalog not long ago, making it available to more investors than some other crypto projects out there.


Invest in These Four Low Supply Crypto Projects First

While all seven of the low supply cryptocurrency in the UK listed above are great investments to buy before 2024, the clear leaders in the pack are Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria and Tamadoge. If you want to get in on these great opportunities, though, you better act fast because they are selling out quickly.

D2T is nearly two-thirds of the way through its Presale Stage 2 already, with only 31.96 million tokens remaining until another increase in price. IMPT is about halfway through its Presale Stage 2, with about 639 million of 1.26 billion tokens available already gone. Calvaria is 71% through its Presale Stage 3, progressing at record pace, with about 71 million of the 90 million tokens sold already. And Tamadoge had an extremely successful Beta sale and presale completed already, and is available for exchange on the top-tier crypto network OKX, on both its decentralised and centralised platform.

So, don't wait any longer to invest in these low supply cryptocurrency UK projects.


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