A LEADING architect is donating a sketch from his personal collection to help raise funds for campaigners fighting the demolition of Glasgow tower blocks to seek a judicial review.

Professor Alan Dunlop was among the first to lend his support after the Wyndford Residents Union launched a £3500 crowdfunder in a bid to take their plight to court.

The residents are against proposals by landlords, the Wheatley group, to pull down four tower blocks in the Wyndford area of Maryhill.

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The group says it believes that a consultation questionnaire launched last year may have breached guidelines.

Nick Durie, of Wyndford Residents Union, said: “From discussions with leading architects who have successfully fought demolition of public housing we now understand that this GHA 'consultation' may be in breach of the Housing Act (Scotland) 2001. It completely failed to provide any option to save the flats. 

“We want to take our case to court. We are fighting the demolition in every possible way and our community is united against it, but we want to stand together with a wider community of people who oppose these plans.”
Professor Alan Dunlop has spoken out about the importance of the estate from a historical architecture point.

He said: “I'm delighted that the residents have continued their resistance to the demolition of the high flats. For my part I have offered to support the residents proposed crowdfunding plan by donating one of my drawings and have provided a selection for them to choose. My sketches of the Mackintosh building, donated to the students of the Glasgow School of Art raised over £1,000. My hope is that one of these will do the same." 

Fellow architect Kate Macintosh, who has been involved in many social housing projects, has added her considerable knowledge and influence and has backed an epetition.

Ms Macintosh will also be speaking about Wyndford at the Architects' Journal inaugural retrofitting conference later this month.

She said: "Wheatley Homes intention to demolish run contrary to the urgent need to avoid sending embodied energy to land-fill and to avoid the human and social costs of forcibly up-rooting communities."

More than 100 people have also supported an online petition which has been launched with the aim of drawing it to the attention of Patrick Harvie, Co-leader of Scottish Greens & Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel & Tenants' Rights, and Shona Robison, Secretary for Housing.
A Wheatley Homes Glasgow spokesperson said: “The crucial point here is that tenants in Wyndford overwhelmingly support the plans to demolish these flats and for over £73 million to be invested in their community. 
"We respect the fact some activists oppose demolition, but an eight-week consultation confirmed 85% of Wyndford tenants back the regeneration plans, with 87% of tenants living in the four blocks earmarked for demolition also supporting the proposals.   
“The £60m proposals will see Wheatley build around 300 new homes in Wyndford, the vast majority for social housing. We will also invest a further £13m in the community on issues tenants have told us they want to see improved, including CCTV, lighting and parking.
“The four blocks, which are already being prepared for demolition, had low levels of occupancy and very high rates of turnover.”

To find out more go to https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Wyndford or