Scots around the world are set to celebrate the patron saint Saint Andrew.

Also known, as the Feast of Saint Andrew or Andermas, the day is dedicated to the disciple from the New Testament within Christianity.

The national day will bring together Scots and those who are Scots-at-heart for a celebration of Scottish culture with a bank holiday and a variety of events.

When is St Andrew's Day?

HeraldScotland: St Andrew's Day is celebrated on November 30. ( Canva)St Andrew's Day is celebrated on November 30. ( Canva) (Image: Canva)

This year, St Andrew's Day will fall on Wednesday, November 30. 

Why do we celebrate St Andrew's Day?

The annual celebration was created to remember Saint Andrew who was one of Jesus Christ's 12 disciples, according to Christian teachings. 

The Bible says that Andrew introduced his brother Peter (traditionally considered as the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church) to Jesus. 

Andrew eventually became a martyr for his beliefs but reportedly refused to die on a t-shaped cross as Jesus had been.

He deemed himself unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as the son of God.

Instead, Andrew was crucified on a diagonal cross on November 30 60AD.

The X-shaped cross of the saltire later became the symbol of the saint with the final day of November becoming his saint day.

St Andrew officially became the patron saint of Scotland in 1320 at the signing of The Declaration of Arbroath.

On St Andrew's Day, the saltire must be flown on all Scottish government buildings. 

Any celebrations tend to revolve around Scottish food and drink like haggis and whisky as well as traditional music and dancing.

Is St Andrews Day a Bank Holiday in Scotland?

St Andrew's Day was officially declared a bank holiday by the Scottish government in 2006. 

However, banks are not required to close on November 30 if they do not want to. 

If November 30 occurs on a weekend, the bank holiday is moved to the Friday or the following Monday.

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland but also what other countries?

Scotland shares its patron saint with several other countries as well as some cities, islands and other smaller regions.

The countries that have adopted him as a saint:

  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Barbados

Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Amalfi in Italy and Tenerife in Spain among other places.

His saint status also extends to singers, fishermen and fishmongers, maidens, spinsters and women that have want to be mothers. 

Andrew is also reportedly the saint of gout and sore throats as well as the Order of the Thistle which is one of the highest ranks of chivalry in the world.

Who are the other UK and Ireland saints as Scots celebrate St Andrews Day?

As Scots celebrate their patron saint on November 30, here are the other patron saints from across the UK and when their saint day takes place.

  • Wales - St David - March 1
  • Northern Ireland and Ireland - St Patrick - March 17
  • England - St George - April 23

St Andrew's Day is celebrated on Wednesday, November 30 in 2022.