This is a very exciting time for crypto enthusiasts looking for a project that has a strong goal behind it. IMPT is a platform that aims to make an impact on the planet and reduce carbon emissions by selling carbon credits and combining them with NFTs and the crypto market. Analysts predict that IMPT price will pump following the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which is attracting investors to invest before IMPT hits this important milestone. 

Why is the IMPT project groundbreaking? 

It is more than obvious now that there is urgency regarding reducing the damage done by pollution since the temperature is rising and it is becoming noticeable. We cannot close our eyes and pretend that nothing is going on. We are now noticing that the climate is changing, and the level of carbon dioxide is much higher than it should be. 

This is exactly why the IMPT platform is so important, especially because it addresses this issue in a way that is acceptable for people who are now in a position to do something. The crypto market is highly important now, and numerous people are looking for ways to join the market to earn, but also want to choose the projects that they believe in. This is one of the crucial reasons why the presale of IMPT tokens has progressed so quickly.  

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IMPT’s IEO on LBank Set for December 14 

IMPT token presale ended on December 12, allowing early investors to claim their tokens two days before the first listings on Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly Pro.  

LBank listed the token on December 14 at exactly 10 AM UTC. The sale took off immediately, and the token’s value is slowly increasing. Many other CEX/DEX exchanges are in talks with IMPT, and the token will soon become available on most popular platforms. If you missed your chance to invest early, head to LBank and get IMPT tokens before their price explodes. 

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How does the IMPT platform work? 


A carbon offset is a solution that has proved to be efficient when it comes to reducing emissions very quickly. The fact that the IMPT project is fused with blockchain makes it even more potent and appealing to the larger number of people who have always searched for an efficient way to make a good change and improve the lives of future generations. 

The carbon credits are tokenised on the platform and received in the form of an NFT, which can be displayed in a ledger that is decentralised. The NFT can then be tracked by the user, which adds another layer of transparency. It is also possible to retire the NFTs. In this case, the NFTs are then sent to a null address, which eliminates the NFT from circulation, making it no longer available. The users get an NFT created by an artist after retiring the carbon credit, and the NFT received can be sold or traded on the marketplace if the user wishes to do so. 

The fact that thousands of retail brands have already joined this project speaks volumes about the belief in this project and its intention to make a positive change. Besides, the team behind this project is verified by Coinsniper, and the project is securely audited by Hacken, making it completely secure for investing. 

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Why can we expect IMPT tokens to pump in 2023? 

The demand for the carbon market could increase by up to 50 times by 2030. IMPT's goal to provide Carbon Credits transparently, fairly, and in line with increasing demand is the aim of the platform, which is made easy through the use of blockchain. The presale was cut short, and the investors can list their tokens on LBank and Uniswap after the IEO on December 14. 

With the development of the IMPT presale and the upcoming announcement regarding the Initial Exchange Offering, it is clear that this is a very exciting time for early investors who can expect to see their investment pay off very soon. Having in mind that there is a supply of only three billion tokens, it is obvious that the demand will drive the price, which is another reason to jump in and secure a portion of IMPT tokens for yourself.

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Despite the challenges that the crypto market has faced this year, we are now witnessing a very fruitful period now. Investing in IMPT is a perfect opportunity for all the investors out there who want to take part in it and choose a project with enormous growth potential for investing. With the successful presale and announced early listings, the future certainly looks bright. This is your last chance to dip your toes in this highly appealing project, so make sure to take this opportunity before time runs out. 

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Crypto investments are considered risky investments because of the volatility in the market. If you choose to invest, ensure that only a small portion of your investment portfolio is crypto-based.

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