With 2022 drawing to a close and the new year almost upon us, many may be looking toward the days off we can enjoy in 2023.

While an extra bank holiday is scheduled across the UK to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, bank holidays are largely different in Scotland and often fall on different days than those in England and Wales.

Knowing ahead of time the bank holidays taking place in Scotland is a great way to plan time off and arrange any trips you want to go on.

Scottish bank holidays confirmed for 2023

Here are the bank holidays confirmed for Scotland in 2023, according to the Scottish Government:

  • 2 January - Monday - 2 January
  • 3 January - Tuesday - New Year's Day (substitute day)
  • 7 April - Friday - Good Friday
  • 1 May - Monday - Early May
  • 8 May - Monday - Coronation Bank Holiday
  • 29 May - Monday - Spring 
  • 7 August - Monday - Summer 
  • 30 November - Thursday - St Andrew's Day
  • 25 December - Monday - Christmas Day
  • 26 December - Tuesday - Boxing Day 

The Herald: Canva - May 8 will be a bank holiday in celebration of the King's coronationCanva - May 8 will be a bank holiday in celebration of the King's coronation (Image: Canva)

What are substitute days for bank holidays?

Substitute days occur when bank holidays fall on a weekend (when most people have time off) and are moved to the nearest weekday.

St Andrew's Day bank holiday 

While St Andrew's Day was declared a bank holiday by the Scottish Parliament in 2006, banks are not legally required to close on November 30.

Employers are also not required by law to give employees a holiday on St Andrew's Day.