Celtic Connections is returning to mark its 30th anniversary after its beginnings in the early 1990s.

The festival, which sets out to celebrate our connections with cultures across the globe, is taking place over 18 days and will see concerts, ceilidhs, talks, art exhibitions, and more occur.

There will be hundreds of events with artists from across the scene collaborating in once-in-a-lifetime shows and line-ups.

Celtic Connections' Creative Director Donald Shaw, says of the event's unique atmosphere: “There are situations that you’ll see where people are playing that you’ll never see again, or if you do, it’s because it worked here first.”

With all this said, here is everything you need to know about Celtic Connections 2023.

Why was Celtic Connections founded?

Celtic Connections was founded in 1994 by Colin Hynd to fill a scheduling gap in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall's quiet post-Christmas season.

The festival has since grown into an annual occurrence which sees traditional and youth-orientated music clash to form exciting live shows.

Where is Celtic Connections 2023 being held?

Celtic Connections is taking place in Glasgow and is being funded by Glasgow City Council among many others.

The event is run by Glasgow's arms-length leisure, sporting, and cultural organisation, Glasgow Life.

When is Celtic Connections 2023 on?

Celtic Connections is returning for 2023 and taking place over 18 days between January 19 and February 5.

A whole host of events will take place throughout the city over this period, such as the Celtic Connections 30th Anniversary Concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Who is playing at Celtic Connections 2023?

This year's Celtic Connections is said to be comprised of a "once-in-a-lifetime line-up" including Karine Polwart, Sierra Hull, Basco, Peat & Diesel, TRIP, Fergus McCreadie & Matt Carmichael, Maeve Gilchrist, Rachel Sermanni, and more!

How to get tickets to Celtic Connections 2023

Tickets for Celtic Connections and its many events can be acquired online via the Celtic Connections website.

The page includes all the events taking place, including the Merchant City Trad Trail and The Bluebells, Cowboy Mouth and Sugartown gig.

How many people go to Celtic Connections?

Celtic Connections is a very popular cultural festival in Scotland, attracting thousands nationally and internationally.

It reportedly brings in around 130,000 people to its events over 18 days between January and February.