Work to demolish four Glasgow tower blocks could start in Spring despite a last minute plea by campaigners not to "gelignite" the buildings.

Tenants are currently occupying tower blocks in Maryhill's Wyndford area and have brought several arguments before owners Wheatley Glasgow in favour of retaining them.

The social housing group is planning to invest £73 million building 300 new homes in the area and carrying out other improvements.

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Wyndford Residents Union say a report they commissioned showed that retrofitting was the 'greener' option.

The plans to demolish blocks 151, 171, 191 and 120, were also criticised by leading figures in the architectural world.

Scots architect Professor Alan Dunlop described Ernest Buteux’s vision for Wynford as embodying the spirit of architect Le Corbusier.

HeraldScotland: Wyndford estate was built on the site of the former Maryhill BarracksWyndford estate was built on the site of the former Maryhill Barracks (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesman for Wheatley confirmed to The Herald they expect work on the demolition of the four blocks to start in Spring. In this case planning permission from Glasgow City Council is not required for demolition.

Responding to the occupation, Wheatley said: "There are no external protestors in the blocks.

"There are still tenants living there, and we’re discussing their housing options with them.

"So far, 90% of tenants in the four blocks have either moved or have been offered another Wheatley home in an area of their choice."

Wheatley says more than 250 of the new homes will be for social housing, with the rest for affordable housing, and a large number will be much-needed homes for families.

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Tenant Lesley Green, 52, from Carrbridge Drive, is backing the plans to transform the estate.

She said: “I grew up in Maryhill and I’ve lived in Wyndford for six years. It’s a good community and I like it here. People look out for each other.

“I’m happy the blocks are coming down. They’re an eyesore. We need more modern, up-to-date homes built in their place.

“I’m looking forward to more houses to accommodate families in Wyndford and more accessible homes for disabled people too.

“The regeneration plans have given everyone in Wyndford something to look forward to.”

HeraldScotland: Resident Lesley Green says she is happy the blocks are coming downResident Lesley Green says she is happy the blocks are coming down (Image: Wheatley Homes)

Fellow tenant Sean McNeill, 31, moved from 120 Wyndford Road to Dennistoun in January last year.

He said: “I liked Wyndford, but I didn’t enjoy living in the blocks. The flats were too small and draughty and living there was affecting my mental health.

“Time is up for the blocks. They should have been demolished years ago. The regeneration of Wyndford is overdue. It’s definitely the way forward.”

Mrs Green said she joined other tenants, along with Wheatley staff and architects, at the third meeting of the Wyndford Futures focus group earlier this month.

She added: “Wheatley really wants to work with us, so it would be good if as many tenants as possible go to these meetings.

“The future looks better than it did. We’re enthusiastic about making our community somewhere we actually want to live.”

Feedback from a consultation last year about the regeneration plans was overwhelmingly positive, with 85% of Wyndford tenants who responded supporting the regeneration plans, and 87% of tenants living in the four 26-storey blocks earmarked for demolition also backing the proposals.

HeraldScotland: The the former Maryhill BarracksThe the former Maryhill Barracks (Image: Newsquest)

However, Nick Durie, of Wyndford Residents Union which has been campaigning to save the flats disputed this.

Mr Durie said: "A freedom of information request received last week by the WRU showed that Wheatley got their bogus figure of "85% support" not from responses from tenants to a consultation ballot, but from whatever housing officers 'felt' tenants views were of their plans to gelignite our community.  This is as farcical as it is undemocratic."

Wheatley said the blocks which are already being prepared for demolition, had low levels of occupancy and very high rates of turnover.

HeraldScotland: Maryhill housing transformation took shape in the early 1960sMaryhill housing transformation took shape in the early 1960s (Image: Newsquest)

They said added tenants there are being given expert support and a personalised one-on-one ‘housing options’ interview to identify their individual needs and preferences.

Bernadette Hewitt, Tenant Chair of Wheatley Homes Glasgow, said: “Tenants overwhelmingly support the plans to demolish the four 26-storey blocks and for over £73 million to be invested in their community.

“The new homes we are planning will offer modern, low-rise living spaces. These new homes will also use the latest technology and energy-efficiency standards to help keep tenants’ energy bills low. It’s an exciting time for Wyndford.”

As well as the £60m invested in new homes, Wheatley Homes Glasgow is spending £13m on other improvements in Wyndford.

New CCTV and new controlled entry systems is being installed in the remaining multi-storey blocks in the area, and work is starting on a new 24/7 concierge station this month. More improvements, including an expanded environmental service, improved outdoor spaces, better car parking, new bike stores and new bin stores – will be carried out in the spring.