Author Joe Livingston publishes his third book Into The Mind of Infinity, a journey to prove the existence of God and God's connection with Science.

In a recent interview Joe explains where this book has taken him and why he had to share with readers - " I never planned to write 'Into the Mind of Infinity'.  It just sort of happened" says Joe.

"I'm not a scientist, so having an engineering background would probably be a significant reason for not drifting towards cosmology and the sciences. But something resonated - call it intuition, premonition or just a hunch."  


As a result of this experience, Joe explained that his intellect steered him towards this unlikely topic and Thesis of the Cosmos. "When something happens which is undeniable everything seems to click into place, - and that very morning when I awoke the click moved into gear, I heard, Into The Mind Of Infinity.

Glasgow born Joe is well known in Christian circles, and hosts regular talks around Britain and abroad - especially in Holland, where he will be speaking on May 14th. He also spoke at the Commonwealth Of Israel (C.O.1.) in Jerusalem, Israel during the month of May 2017.

After the success of the Jerusalem talk, Joe was again asked to speak at another C.O.1. Conference in Phoenix Arizona in 2018.

Prior to speaking in Jerusalem, Joe had already spoken at a conference in Fatima, Portugal.

In between all of the above engagements, Joe also helps to run a Divine Mercy Holy Hour in Saint Columbkille's Parish in Rutherglen, every Friday at 3pm.

His busy schedule also includes various conference engagements, especially in England.

Joe's Books and c.d. recordings are also available at his talks.


Finally, a refresher, "This short read (Into The Mind Of Infinity) brings together Science and Religion.  It will help anyone to understand why there is scientific evidence to support the belief in Our Creator.

Next month, Joe appears Sunday, February 5th at 2-30pm for a Reconciliation and Healing Service at Saint Columbkllle's Parish Hall, Kirkwood Street, Rutherglen G73

For Conference or Talk invites, Joe can be contacted at his email address –   

  • ‘Into The Mind of Infinity’ is on sale now at Amazon.


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