Car owners in the Greater Glasgow area have been issued with a 'be vigilant' warning following a spate of thefts this year. 

Police said 28 vehicles have been stolen since the start of the year, with 21 vehicles having been recovered.

The increase in keyless car thefts has particularly hit owners of SUVs such as Land Rover and Range Rovers, police added. 

Officers will be increasing patrols across the city as a result of the increase in thefts.

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Superintendent Natalie Carr said : “We are aware of an increase in keyless car thefts in the Greater Glasgow area, more recently Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.

“This has an impact both financially and personally and I want to reassure the public that we have a dedicated team of officers investigating these crimes who are working with our colleagues across Scotland and our partner agencies. We are also engaging with the vehicle manufacturers.

“I would urge car owners to be extra vigilant and protect themselves from criminals who use technological advances to steal cars. Keep your car keys or fobs in a safe place ideally away from open view and away from the vehicle's proximity, if possible within a signal blocker pouch.

“We are treating this increase with the utmost seriousness and want to provide communities with all the information they require to help stop their vehicles being targeted.

"If you have a garage or driveway, please use it. Park in well-lit areas preferably covered by CCTV. Investing in a tracking device won’t necessarily prevent your vehicle from being stolen, but it can help recover it.

“Officers will be increasing patrols across the city to deter this crime, but I would ask the public to report any suspicious activity to Police Scotland on 101, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”