Further strikes at Royal Mail are on the way after union members delivered a record-breaking vote for further action.

Members of the Communication Workers' Union are in dispute over pay, jobs and conditions and have already taken significant action.

The union balloted its members on a renewed mandate and on a 7.3 per cent turnout a massive 95.9% voted to strike, which it said was the biggest ever return in a major national strike ballot.

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: “After two national ballots, 18 days of action, constant management intimidation and scores of unjust disciplinary cases against their colleagues, postal workers have shown their dignity and determination once again.

“This vote is a historic testament to CWU members across the country who have stood firm against the most severe attacks faced by any set of workers since the miners.

“It is proof that postal workers will not accept their livelihoods being destroyed so that a few at the top can generate serious profits at their expense.

“It is proof that workers loyal to an historic institution like Royal Mail will not accept it being turned into an Uber-style, bog-standard gig economy employer.

“It is proof that for Royal Mail to begin functioning normally again, there needs to be a change in negotiating approach from its leadership that recognises the depth of feeling from the workforce that make their company.

“These people will never be bullied, intimidated or harassed into submission, and this result is a concrete demonstration of that spirit.

“I urge responsible voices in Royal Mail’s leadership to take stock of what has happened today.”

Craig Anderson, Scottish regional secretary for the CWU previously told The Herald: "Part of the reason we’re on strike is because of how the company wants to change. It wants to change the role of postal workers and put more pressure on individuals.

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Our members are struggling with the pay that they get and the company doesn’t seem to want to give them something that matches inflation.

"The other issue for us is that they seem to want to go down a route where in some places, or possibly throughout the business, they want a kind of ‘Uber model’ where people will work for themselves."

Royal Mail, which was privatised in 2013, contends it pays 40% more than other parcel companies and that changes are necessary to help the business survive.

Royal Mail said: "The CWU is playing a dangerous game with its members’ jobs and the future of Royal Mail. We urge CWU to withdraw these strikes, for the good of our customers and our people.”