What would you drink if you won the lottery? Seriously, what would you drink? Would three grand for a magnificent 1959 Chateau Latour be too much, or how about a mere two grand for the legendary 1982? If those two are making you retch, how about £400-ish for a 2014 Opus One from California, and we haven’t even looked at Burgundy, where some of the prices look like the mileage on my five-year-old Nissan.

Personally, I’d give them all a whirl but then over the years, I’ve tasted most of the world’s finest and I know just how alluring their aromas and palates can be, but if your normal tipple is three for a tenner in Aldi then the lottery is wasted on you. True, you could splash on a yacht, but you would struggle to see the value in the wine.

The good news however is that you can train your palate upwards, just in case your numbers do come up and to be honest, small increments are good in the world of wine. First, find a style you adore and for me it would be Bordeaux or the Napa Valley, and then gradually increase your budget until you are happy spending £30 to £40 a bottle on special occasions and Bob’s your uncle. Seriously folks, wouldn’t it be great if he was?

Anyway here are a couple of training wines to set you off...

Avalon Cabernet, Lodi, California

One of those soft gloopy Cabernets that you have to be an idiot not to like. Plums, cassis and a velvety palate.

The Good Spirits Company £15.50

Mariana, Portugal

A big, hearty red with ripe berries and hints of spice. A cracker for the price.

Pop Wine £12.50