Where is it?

Any trout stream away from people and in the middle of nature. Since I was a small boy, I have gone fly fishing. I have fished in many places around the world, including Canada, the US and New Zealand.

I fished the Clyde at Hyndford Bridge [near Lanark] for many years and that is one of my favourite places. When people say “the Clyde” you immediately think of shipyards and big boats but travel up a wee bit and it transforms into this beautiful river.

Why do you go there?

It is a type of meditation. I always feel refreshed and happier.

How often do you go?

I try to get out at least once a week during the season. When I travel within the UK I take my fishing rod, waders and fly-tying blocks.

How did you discover it?

Before my dad James Copeland became an actor, one of his jobs was as a riverkeeper on the Loch Lomond system. He used to talk about fishing a lot.

I was born in Dumbarton but only lived there until I was five before we moved to Clydebank. I went back to Dumbarton to fish in a place called the Slaughterhouse Pool. It was a great spot for finnock, wee 3/4lb sea trout that swarm around the estuary and come in on the tide.

I spent many a happy day there. I have memories of catching fish, taking them home and giving a couple to the lady across the landing.

What’s your favourite memory?

I was fishing for bass off a boat in Oregon with my friend Beau. We were way out in the wilds. Beau pointed out a bald eagle, maybe 400 yards away, on the top of a pine tree.

Beau said: “Watch this.” We had caught a couple of bass. He lifted one up, banged it on the side of the boat and threw it in the water. We watched as the eagle glided out of the tree, passing within 6ft of us. Its elegance was beautiful.

Who do you take?

I have a great friend called Stuart Tanner. He is a remarkable person and the best fly fisherman I have ever seen. His depth of knowledge about the natural world is astonishing.

What do you take?

Trout fishermen are the easiest of consumers. You only have to say, “This is the new …” and you can sell us anything. Eventually you have a fishing waistcoat with all these bits hanging off it and the fish can hear you coming from 100 yards away.

My friend Stuart carries a terrific little Petromax stove. We always have a nice cooked meal on the riverbank, be it steak or bacon and eggs.

What do you leave behind?

The peace of being in nature.

What other travel spot is on your wish list?

The Rogue River in Oregon. Before I pass on, I would love to put a fly in that water.

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