Rod Stewart has fulfilled a pledge to pay for members of the public to have scans, and stated he'd like to expand the scheme to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The rockstar called in to a debate on the NHS last month and, after hearing of long waiting times for scans, pledged to pay for 10-20 members of the public to receive a scan.

On Tuesday he fulfilled that pledge at a mobile unit in Essex, and stated his intention to do similar in other cities.

Mr Stewart told Sky News: "There must be enough money in the coffers to pay up for these nurses.

"Only two years ago we were clapping and now listen - they worked so hard.

"If we don't have the NHS, it will be like the United States.

"When you go into an emergency, they say, 'right, go through your documents' and it's unbelievable in America.

"It doesn't work there either, but I think it's working better than [it] is here at the moment - we must pull it together.

"If this is a big success, and I think it will be, I'd like to do it in Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and just keep it going.

"I hope some other people follow me because I want to prove I am not all mouth and no trousers - and that's why I'm here to prove that I've followed through."