What’s the story?

Enigma: The Monster of Loch Ness.

Ah, a perennial favourite …

Indeed. This Channel 5 documentary charts the 2018 quest by Professor Neil Gemmell as he travels from the University of Otago in New Zealand to Loch Ness in the hope of showcasing his cutting-edge Environmental DNA method on the world stage.

It follows Gemmell – a geneticist and Nessie sceptic – as he gathers samples from the loch’s deepest trenches, some 750ft (230m) below the surface, with the goal of tracking down DNA evidence of all the species that reside in its dark waters.

However, not everyone is on board with his plans and he faces some strong opposition.

How so?

Among the vocal critics is Steve Feltham who lives in a caravan on the shores of Loch Ness. He has been leading his own dedicated search for the elusive creature since 1991, recognised by Guinness World Records for his long-running efforts.

According to the programme blurb, Feltham “pinpoints flaws and inaccuracies with the expedition” as he questions Gemmell’s motivations.

Anything else?

Veteran Nessie researcher Dr Adrian Shine of the Loch Ness Centre shares some of his theories about the alleged monster, suggesting the possibility of a Wels catfish, Greenland shark or giant eel.

When can I watch?

Enigma: The Monster of Loch Ness is on Channel 5, tonight, 7pm.