Sean Logan, 27, from Edinburgh, won in the third week at Glasgow Central Station, with judge Mika calling his performance "brilliant anarchy".

When did you first start playing?

I am self-taught and started at 6 years old. I began composing my own music about the same time to understand how music works.

Were you aware of how the crowd was responding to your performance? 

When I perform I watch the audience out of the corner of my eye. I process the feedback to see what they are feeling, and I will change a piece on the spot to ensure the audience is captivated. It is a good feeling when people appreciate my music as then I know I am doing something right.

Have you ever played the piano at a train station before?

If I see one, if it’s free, and I have time, I’m jumping on it.

How was your mentoring session with Mika?

A real masterclass. I usually play in really loud bands, so I rarely have the opportunity to play in the way we did in that session.



How did the performers get on with each other?

I loved meeting Jay and Danny. It was like putting me through a friend finder. To meet guys who are into the same stuff was amazing. We have great plans to work and perform together, and already have a project on the way. I am so happy the audience gets a chance to hear more from the incredible Lucy, who has opened a door for the public into neurodiversity.

Any moment that stands out from the final?

Speaking to Lang Lang after the concert, not as a maestro but as a person, was special. He is so down to earth. He told me I was built for the stage, and to hear that from him was incredibly affirming.

What is next for you?

Keep an eye on my social media, there will be news coming.



Mika's verdict on Sean?

“When you listen to Sean play, it goes at 150 miles an hour. It's virtuosic, complex and extremely nuanced. There's a huge, dynamic, emotional range and it's so intense. He has so much to say, and he's so good at saying it musically, that what you get is quite thrilling. It’s definitely not music to put you to sleep. It’s more like 45 shots of espresso.”