Hi, I’m Jess, better known to a few as Just Jess Food! 

I moved to Glasgow back in 2016 and never looked back. Scotland, and the people, hold a special place in my heart and I’m lucky enough to call it my home. After starting my Instagram as just a hobby showcasing my love of easy home cooking and travelling all over the world, the support of my Scottish following then enabled this to become my full time job. I’m so honoured to be a regular feature in The Herald, where I’ll be bringing you everything from recipes, travel tips, new Scottish openings, gift ideas and small business shout-outs.

In Glasgow, all the buzz seems to be around the opening of the Cozzolino brothers’ new restaurant, Banca Di Roma. I sadly was away for the launch, but I am excited to try it in the next few weeks.
Another new Glasgow spot is Le Petit Coq in the west end, from the team behind Oui Knob of Butter. French owner Jules Bal told me: “Le Petit Coq is passionate about food, flavours and helping the local community by setting up a ‘pay it forward’ option. We thrive on great quality, from our handmade baguettes and our butters.”


He even has his grandmother’s French onion soup on the menu. 
Jules continued, “my father opened his first restaurant on the exact same day as me 30 years ago. He’s sadly no longer with us, but I took that as a sign that he still is”.


This month I’d like to shout out about Glasgow’s Stravaigin on Gibson Street.
You will soon come to learn that I am somewhat a Sunday roast snob. As an English girl, dare I say that I think it’s the only thing I’ve found that England does better. (Emphasis on the word ‘only’!)

So, over the years, I’ve made it my mission to find the best spots for a roast in Scotland.


The new weekend roast at Stravaigin on Gibson Street is now available every Saturday and Sunday in 2023. It costs £29 for two courses or £32 for three courses in a cosy, intimate pub setting, with vegan options available. My highlight had to be their slow-cooked beef shoulder filled Yorkshire puddings, absolutely incredible!


The reason I wanted to write about this chicken tikka recipe is because its features a fantastic product from a Scottish small business, Arthendas, whose pastes and sauces are flying off the shelves right now, and rightly so. If you’ve tried their Tikka paste in particular, you’ll know exactly why.  


Their shop is based in Waterloo, on the outskirts of Wishaw, but stocked in many local shops, I purchase mine from my local butchers, Donald’s, based in both Uddingston and Hyndland. 

Time: 15 mins
Serves: 1-2.
Veggie: use paneer
Vegan: use tofu

1 chicken breast chopped into chunks
Chicken Tikka Paste (I really recommend Artendas Paste if you can get hold of it locally)
Pilau Rice
Flaked Almonds
Natural Yogurt
Fresh Mint
1 Lemon
Red Onion
Salt & Pepper


•Chop your chicken and marinate in some tikka paste, either overnight or for as long as you have
•Pop into an airfryer for 10-12 mins on 180, grill or oven until cooked
•While that’s cooking, chop your salad. Thinly slice a little red onion, cucumber and a couple of radishes per person.
In a little bowl, mix a couple of tablespoons of the yogurt (per person) with some freshly chopped mint, salt and pepper
•Pop your rice into the microwave or cook on the hob
•Once cooked, stir through a teaspoon of the tikka paste, some flaked almonds and some raisins
•Serve the rice into bowls, add on top your crispy tikka chicken, plus your side salad of onions, cucumber and radish
•Squeeze over half a lemon and drizzle over the minty yogurt and some freshly chopped coriander. SO GOOD!