Where is it?
Eigg in the Inner Hebrides.

Why do you go there?
I went to research my novel, The Island Home, which I knew I wanted to set on a small island. I was interested in speaking to islanders about what island life is really like, as well as seeing the place for myself. I had seen photos which looked beautiful, but nothing compares to visiting in person.

How often do you go?
I’ve been twice, once in the autumn and once in winter. I’d love to go again, perhaps in the spring or summer.

How did you discover it?
I did quite a bit of research into different islands I might visit. I liked the idea of a place with a population of around 100 – so, a small place but still with a community feel, because community is always a really important theme in my books.

Eigg appealed partly for its location and the fact that we could get there on the train and ferry. I liked the idea of arriving using only public transport.

In the end, the journey was part of the experience. We took the sleeper train from London, followed by a second train and a ferry. I’ll always remember seeing the island appearing on the horizon for the first time – it felt really magical.

HeraldScotland: Libby PageLibby Page (Image: Natalie Dawkins)

What’s your favourite memory?
My husband proposed to me when we were staying in a beautiful beachside bothy on Eigg. We were watching the sun set over the sea and nearby Rum when he got down on one knee. We went to the island’s one pub to celebrate and were treated to a drink on the house.

Eigg will always have a special place in my heart for that reason. I even gave my husband and I a little cameo in my book The Island Home.

Who do you take?
My husband, who loves walking and nature as much as I do. We now have a toddler, so I’d love to take him too one day. I think he’d really enjoy walking along the beaches.

What do you take?
Walking boots, books, camera, binoculars and lots of wet weather gear. And maybe my swimsuit if I’m feeling brave. I swam when we visited in September, and it was bracing but exhilarating.

What do you leave behind?
The car. Cars aren’t permitted on Eigg for non-residents, and it definitely adds to the calm and peaceful feel of the island.

Sum it up in five words.
Scenic. Windswept, Beautiful. Friendly. Small.

What other travel spot is on your wish list?
I’d love to explore more of the Scottish islands. High on my list to visit are Gigha, Arran, Mull, Iona and Orkney. My husband and I planned to do a Scottish road trip for our honeymoon but weren’t able to due to a combination of lockdowns and then having a baby. One day.

Libby Page is the author of The Lido, The 24-Hour Cafe and The Island Home. Her latest novel, The Vintage Shop Of Second Chances (Orion Fiction, £16.99), is out now