Scots are being urged to act responsibly amid a heightened risk of wildfires.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has warned the country is facing a 'very high' risk of an outdoor blaze spreading. 

Warmer temperatures in recent days alongside build-ups of dried-up grass and heather left over from last year could see blazes spread quickly and intensely. 

The warning is in place across East, Central and Southern Scotland until Monday, May 29. 

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People who live, work or visit rural areas are being urged to exercise caution over the next few days.

SFRS group commander, Niall MacLennan said: "Numerous wildfires across Scotland this Spring – including a wildfire at Kinlochmoidart which spanned the course of three days – have shown how real the danger of fire is in the countryside and how damaging it can be to the environment, wildlife and nearby communities." 

The blaze at Kinloch Moidart, near Glenuig, took place in April. 

Based on figures from the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) which tracks wildfires, only one fire outsized the recent blaze since figures began.  

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Mr MacLennan added: "With rising temperatures this weekend and further dry conditions into next week, wildfires could burn and spread with very high intensity in high-risk areas.

"Therefore, it is crucial that people act responsibly when enjoying the outdoors and please think twice before using anything involving a naked flame."