The vital relationship between land and sea will take centre stage during three packed days in the North East as Scotland’s first climate-focused film festival gets underway.  

LandxSea wil explore the “mesmerising” relationship people have with the world’s oceans, from following the path of plastic waste as it drifts on the globe’s currents to exploring the lives of giants of the deep.  

Across three packed days of documentary films from across the world, the festival, in Montrose, will connect audiences with filmmakers, eco-thinkers, and green activists, encouraging conversations about the planet and inspiring change through the power of film. 

The festival is co-produced by acclaimed Montrose-based filmmaker Anthony Baxter (You’ve Been Trumped, Eye of the Storm, Flint) and renowned festival producer Rachel Caplan, who has returned to Scotland after a decade of leading the San Francisco Green Film Festival. 

The inaugural festival will open on 15 September with the UK premiere of Nishtha Jain’s The Golden Thread, a new documentary delving into Bengal's disappearing jute industry.  

The film captures the arduous journey of jute production, from riverside reed cutting to the rhythmic clatter of century-old looms in historical mills – machinery originally built in Dundee.  

The Herald:

Into The Ice

LandxSea then closes on Sunday 17 September with the UK premiere of Mark Fletcher’s Patrick and the Whale, an awe-inspiring journey into the world of whales with marine videographer Patrick Dykstra.  

Prompted by a profound encounter with "Dolores", a female sperm whale, Dykstra immerses himself in the pursuit of understanding these ocean mammals, whilst grappling with ethical questions surrounding his research and our relationship with the natural world as he delves deeper. All three filmmakers will all be in attendance for the festival premieres. 

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Beyond film screenings, the festival will offer a range of live events including filmmaker coffee chats, an invigorating Montrose Beach Dook led by Becca Harvey and the Polar Bear Swimming Club on Sunday morning, and free activities in the Community Hub at the Montrose Playhouse 

The Eco Fair, taking place outdoors on the Mall on Saturday will showcase local environmental initiatives, food and beverage stalls from sustainable business and the Moving Images solar-powered 8-seat caravan cinema showing a variety of eco shorts. 

Rachel Caplan, said: "We're thrilled to introduce the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest, a collaboration between our team and the Montrose Playhouse.  

“This new film series spotlights Montrose as a hub for vital eco-conversations, featuring a variety of global environmental films.  

“With our planet heating up and political forces in flux, the festival brings crucial environmental stories directly to Scottish audiences, sparking collaboration and reinforcing our commitment to climate action.” 

The Herald:

The Golden Thread 

She added: “The festival offers a diverse selection of films that delve into urgent environmental issues, providing a global perspective on our relationship with land and sea.  

“More than just a cinematic experience, the festival serves as a platform for discussions, acts as a catalyst for action, and contributes to the global climate movement. We're honoured to share these new films and to foster important conversations in Montrose." 

Other big screen highlights across the three days include ‘Riverwoods’, an exploration of the intricate relationship between Scotland's forests and its Atlantic salmon populations,  ‘The North Drift’ - an investigative journey through European waters to unravel the mysterious paths of plastic waste, and ‘Into The Ice’, a breathtaking trip into Greenland's icy wilderness following three fearless glaciologists on a daring mission. 

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Anthony Baxter added: "I'm delighted to be working with the talented team at Montrose LandxSea Film Festival, bringing an extraordinary range of climate focused films to the stunning Montrose Playhouse.

"With its direct rail and bus links, Montrose is the ideal setting for a major green film festival and we're really excited as we continue to shape the programme ahead of its launch here on Friday 15th September." 

The Herald:

David Paton, Chairman & Founder, Montrose Playhouse Project SCIO, said: "The team at Montrose Playhouse are delighted to be hosting the first Montrose LandxSea Film Fest.

"The theme is so relevant to the world just now and to Montrose itself, whilst it battles with erosion of its historic coastline. The chance to build awareness and discuss these issues is hugely exciting for The Playhouse, Montrose and Scotland."